Private asset management

We believe that exposure to private assets is strategic in terms of returns and preserving capital over longer timeframes, which may transcend generations. Our focus is gradually building diversified exposure.

Our rigorous process for selecting managers and assets means we focus on strategies with a long record of adding value. We offer exposure through several different strategies:

1) Private Equity:

  • Buyout: acquiring control. In some cases, a transaction may involve new debt to optimize the company’s capital structure.
  • Growth: investing in companies that have gone through their early-stage growth but still show major growth opportunities by injecting new capital.
  • Venture Capital: investing in start-ups and emerging companies with an innovative profile and very high growth potential. Our investment takes the form of minority holdings.
  • Mezzanine: hybrid structured instrument, usually to hedge invested capital while retaining earning potential.
  • Distressed: sophisticated technical structuring of finance for high-complexity situations.

2) Real Estate:

  • Listed Real Estate Assets: acquiring interests in real estate funds or listed companies that are traded on stock exchanges on a daily basis. We offer clients an opportunity to get exposure to the real estate market with liquidity through a fund of funds, or through a managed portfolio;
  • Private Real Estate Assets: acquiring holdings in closed-end real estate funds meaning definite lifetimes and low levels of liquidity. We offer clients an opportunity to get exposure to diversified portfolios and the best global asset managers through geographically driven funds of funds;
  • Structured Assets: a chance to get direct exposure to real estate assets but with low levels of liquidity.

3) Infrastructure:

  • Assets and projects related to transport, communications, energy and others. These projects have reached varying stages of development so opportunities may be greenfield (new projects) or brownfield (currently operating).

Last update: October 21, 2020