Estate and Succession Planning

Our team of estate and succession planning experts will help clients and their families organize financial assets and ensure their investment is properly structured to preserve wealth for their descendants.

Their mission is to analyze how a client’s financial assets are allocated. Depending on which stage in they have reached in life, our in-depth focus on their interests and objectives will enable us to determine the most efficient solutions and ways of fulfilling a clients’ wishes.

Our objectively and highly personalized methods provide assurance to deal with issues that affect financial assets here in Brazil and elsewhere by analyzing the structures that will best meet a client’s needs. We are constantly tracking and monitoring developments that may affect these structures and any regulatory alterations thus to ensure that our strategies retain their efficacy over time.

We fully appreciate the importance of helping clients organize their lifetime assets overall, from allocating investments now to entrusting them to tomorrow’s generation as part of our comprehensively integrated approach to wealth management.

Julius Baer Family Office does not provide opinions on legal, tax or accounting matters or related advisory services, for which purposes we suggest engaging a specialist.

Last update: October 27, 2020