Our Culture

We have our own approach to business – we call it the Julius Baer Family Office way of being, feeling and acting.

It is not only a matter of our values; this is part of our DNA.

This is what drives and inspires our attitudes and behaviors in our everyday dealings with all those with whom we connect as individuals or as businesses.


Client-centered – Clients are the reason for our existence so their satisfaction is what drives us. We have an absolute commitment to deliver the best, tirelessly striving to exceed expectations, delight clients and earn the trust placed in us.

Excellence – We give of our best every day and constantly aim for a level of exceptional quality in everything we do.

Integrity and Trust – Our values are non-negotiable. We are committed to always doing the right thing and showing transparency for all our actions and relationships

Collaboration – We believe in genuine dialogue for all dealings and we use our knowledge and skills in all individual and collective actions to pursue the best results for the business or deal, for clients and our staff.

Recognizing and respecting people – We value human beings and their unique characteristics while transforming differences into our main asset. Our commitment is developing happy human beings and creating an atmosphere of collective well-being.

Initiative and Proactivity – Urgency is a state of mind! We think and act like owners. We are inquiring, disruptive and obsessed with finding new ways and processes to add value for our brand, our clients, and our people.

Innovative and Disruptive – We are eternal visionaries! We love breaking paradigms, pursuing new ones, figuring out concepts that have yet to break through and making them happen, adding even more value in experiences and results.

Strong global group – We have the wisdom to take advantage of a global group and are skilled in meeting the individual needs of our clients. Our strength comes not only from our size, but also and particularly from our ethics, professionalism, independence, and impartiality, both inside the organization and outside.

Sustainability – We help to preserve the planet through collaborative initiatives and ecologically correct, socially fair, and economically viable projects.

Result – We see results as the outcome and consequence of a whole series of human initiatives and behaviors guided by precisely executing our strategic planning. In our view, meritocracy is the synthesis of a fair organization that is focused on results based on recognizing high-level performance.

Last update: October 19, 2020