Our Competitive Edges

Why choose Julius Baer Family Office?

In joining GPS with Reliance, Julius Baer Family Office tapped the credibility and reputation of Switzerland’s Julius Baer Group – a world class wealth management firm for over a century and present in the world’s top financial centers, providing professional and personalized financial advisory and wealth management services.

We follow the most rigorous corporate governance and compliance rules based on a stringent Swiss model.
As a strong global group, we have the scale and independence needed to tap the best and the most appropriate investments in local and international markets aligned with different strategies and requirements.

We use enabling technologies that add value to business. However, our services are essentially personal or “eye to eye” for all our relationships, which are always clearly documented “in black and white” (what you see is what you get).

Rather than for our profits, our services are aligned to ensure transparency and objectivity while offering the best investment for each strategy decided together with clients, thus avoiding any conflict of interest in relation to products, services or remuneration.

Last update: October 21, 2020